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Batman vs Superman - movie stars pick their favorites

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World’s Finest Kisses [Requested by Anon]

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Little Man of Steel

Clark and Lois talk about sex.

Anybody notice how Lois looks like Katherine Heigl and Clark like Keanu Reeves?

lmao this is amazing!


If you haven’t seen the video short created by Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm for Superman’s 75th you should watch it right now because it is quite wonderful.

But it is also problematic in that Lois Lane is pretty much missing from the piece.

I’ve watched it a few times and here’s what I can see…



Superman For All Seasons

I swear to god I love Clark so much

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They said: "just don’t use the internet for a couple of days"



Man of steel by FraXD

"Front and Center" and then I opened the link…

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A cute scene from today’s Smallville: Season 11 (“Olympus”). Download it here!

she’s vitally important because without Lois he loses his contact with humanity.

Clark: “Hold my hand, this is gonna hurt”

Lois is what Superman loves about humanity. She’s who he tries to be, and reflect back to him the hopes he has for what we can become. She has no amazing powers but that never stops and, if anything, pushes her further. Lois Lane is the single most important character in the Superman sphere, outside of Superman himself.

Without that reflection/desire Superman, and Clark, becomes shallow. He wants the world to be this big hope inspired thing but that’s just words at some level. With Lois in the mix suddenly he has a concrete example. He can point to her and go “This, this is what you could be,” and so of course he loves her.

She’s his idol, in so many ways.

Clark: Thank you
Lois:   For what?
Clark: For believing in me
Lois:   It didn’t make much difference in the end
Clark: It did to me.